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«We manufacture and supply all solutions in containerized steel structures and modular buildings.

A complete turnkey product with or without isolated, various assembly and installations, and movable and immovable equipment.» 

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Developing and delivering

We develop and deliver most of the designing of enclosures, containers, modules, engineering houses, kiosks, modular and mobile inclusions in various materials. We can supply many kinds of turnkey solutions with or without insulation, various mounting and installations as well as movable and immovable interior and equipment.

Complete solutions

Complete solutions in an enclosure, container or other module/buildings such as climate chamber, fire drills, workshop, lab, hydraulics, switchgear, emergency power, building complex, exhibition, shops etc.

Realizing your vision

We customize everything such as and exterior structural elements, finishes, materials and installations for the purposes that you as a customer are. We accompany you from the very first idea to complete turnkey installations and everything in between.

  • We can provide total solutions including all installations, fixed equipment, loose fittings and strength calculations for all transport, external and internal stresses.
  • Design and product development.
  • Sales and Rentals.
  • Everything from the kiosk through sport container to operating room. Our workshops perform customization for the needs you may have!
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Military Solutions

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Infrastructure Telecom

Infrastructure – telecom

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Electric Power

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«One-stop shop»

We can service your every need. No need to shop around, we a a complete service provider or steel based construction.

Turnkey solutions

Can be used immediately without requiring additional development or customization.

Full customisation

We will tailor make your product to meet your specific needs and preferences.

From idea to completion

We will create and deliver your product from initial conception to final launch.